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Aikido - Iaido - Zazen
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Aikido is a unique martial art that blends mind, body and Spirit. Practiced sincerely, Aikido can help a person realize their own potential as a human being. Aikido is a martial art ethically linked to defense against unprovoked attack. Reflexive in nature, the techniques of Aikido are such that they may be applied against attacks from larger, stronger aggressors.
Sensei Damon Apodaca, the founder of Santa Fe Budokan, is a practitioner of over 36 years, and is currently ranked 6th Dan (6th degree black belt). He has received instruction from Shihan (master teachers) including M. Nakazono, M. Saito, and K. Chiba; all of whom were direct students of the founder of Aikido, Morehei Uyeshiba O-Sensei.