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Beginner’s Aikido
       The beginners classes are designed to provide a good foundation for the beginning Aikido student. Dojo etiquette, stretching, initial body movements and ukemi (tumbling) skills are focused on in this class, in addition to basic blending exercises. This is a low impact class, and where it is great for people just starting out in Aikido, it is attended by students of many levels.

Mixed Aikido
       Most of the classes at Santa Fe Budokan are Mixed. This gives all students the opportunity to train several times a week. These classes allow for further study of technique, ukemi and blending and progress above the introductory level.


       These classes are primarily Iwama style Aiki-ken and Jo. They provide the foundation for weapons training at a higher (advanced) level, and further insight to the Tai-jutsu or body arts.